Pump Up Your Pie at The New Pizza Professor


Here’s my latest piece for the Queens Jewish Link:


Don’t mistake it for the original – The New Pizza Professor opened in January of this year and offers a fresh, new twist on an old favorite. The reason to go to The New Pizza Professor is for the expanded selection of creative pies with an eclectic variety of toppings. Co-owner Joseph Jakubov says his goal is to encourage the customer “to use their imagination” when thinking of their own personal pizza pie and the menu doesn’t disappoint. It boasts out-of-the-box topping concoctions for the most imaginative personal pizza picks.

Operating under the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, The New Pizza Professor’s popular orders include pizza topped with Hawaiian chopped pineapple with imitation “bacon” bits which are actually made out of spices that are bacon flavored, a BBQ “chicken” flaming pie called Flaming Professor which is topped with chicken made out of tofu with a spicy selection of hot sauce, buffalo sauce, jalapeno peppers and crushed red peppers, and the Israeli Professor with Mediterranean flavors and of course you can’t forget the classic, plain cheese pizza pie, the Classic Professor.

Co-owner Joseph Jakubov knew that in order to bring back this pizza place, it had to be innovative and get an updated look. The interior captures a modern style with its exposed brick walls. Jakubov plans to upgrade the experience even more by installing an iPad kiosk system that will allow customers to click on a screen to put in their order while waiting online for faster service.

With its limited seating area, The New Pizza Professor specializes in to-go orders, catering for simchas and delivering to a wide area including all 5 boroughs in New York and Teaneck and Deal in New Jersey. But don’t worry if you need a hot pizza pie if you happen to be outside of Queens – Jakubov says The New Pizza Professor is the first to introduce charge bags for deliveries guaranteeing that every single pizza pie for delivery doesn’t get cold in transit. How is that possible? Once the pizza pie comes out of the oven, it goes straight into a standard pizza box which then gets covered by an insulated charge bag that connects to a heating system with a wire plugged into the delivery car, operating just like a charger and ensuring that customers get to enjoy their pizza nice and hot. Jakubov says he’s “grateful for the neighborhood’s support for when we opened up” and looks forward to the future.

Pizza Professor (718) 261-3336 is located at 141-25 Jewel Ave, Flushing, NY 11367 and is open Sunday-Thursday from 11AM to 2AM; Friday from 11AM to 2 hours before Shabbat; Saturday 1 hour after Shabbat until 3AM.

Pesach Pizza Pop-Up at Berrylicious


My latest Queens Cuisine piece for the Queens Jewish Link is all about where to get your pizza and ice cream fix for Passover.

Pizza and ice cream is a classic combo, but not during Pesach.  Sitting in a pizza shop and enjoying a slice is not something you think of doing during Pesach.  But this Pesach, Berrylicious on Main Street is making it possible to indulge, with non-gebrokts chalav Yisrael nine-inch personal pizza pies, starting on Erev Yom Tov, this Friday, April 22.

What makes this pizza different from all other pizzas?  It’s “Kosher for Passover” with gluten-free crust made of potato starch.  Berrylicious owner David Rozner said that the premises will be equipped with a pop-up pizza shop set-up inside, complete with an oven to heat up each pie, ensuring that “this won’t be frozen take-and-go pizza.”

Over the years, Rozner said he has wanted to widen the store’s offerings to Pesach pizza during Chol HaMoed.  Known for its fun frozen yogurt flavors – my favorites are Rolo and Dulce de Leche with cookie crunch on top – Berrylicious will also offer kosher-for-Pesach non-gebrokts muffins, cakes, fruit smoothies, sorbets, milkshakes, parfaits, and frozen drinks, in addition to hot and iced coffee, and tea.

Berrylicious (718-59-BERRY) is under the kashrus supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens and is located at 69-48 Main Street, Kew Gardens Hills.

For Pesach 2016, the store will be open on Friday, Erev Yom Tov, from 7 a.m. until at 5 p.m.  The Chol HaMoed hours are: Sunday, April 24 (9 p.m.-1 a.m.); Monday-Wednesday, April 25-27 (7a.m.-1 a.m.); Thursday, April 28 (7 a.m.-5 p.m.); and Motza’ei Shabbos v’Yom Tov, April 30 (9:15 p.m.-1 a.m.)

Berrylicious(Credit: Berrylicious)

Picking the Perfect Pesach Wine

With Pesach approaching, read all about how to choose wine for your seder in this week’s  Queens Jewish Link. Article also available below and here.

Hakerem Wine & Liquor offers a vast selection to choose from. If you’re wondering what kind of wine to serve at your Seder table this year, the store’s owner and experienced wine expert, Pearl Schwartz has the answer for you.

Cup #1

Pearl recommends organizing your wine selections for each cup of wine ranging from light to dark and finally sweet for last during the Seder for balance. “Typically you want to start with lighter reds, move to heavier reds and end with sweet dessert wines. Just as when you plan a meal, you start with delicate tastes and work towards heavier tastes,” she says. Her choice for the first cup of wine is the Goose Bay Pinot Noir. It’s a light red wine that is highly aromatic and lower tannin, which is a naturally occurring substance found in grapes that gives wine its body, complexity and level of dryness in taste.

Cup #2

The second cup should be a medium-bodied red wine that “has more tannins than the first Pinot Noir but will not have the near pucker power of a high-powered Cabernet Sauvignon,” Pearl said. She opts for the Uva Montepulciano d’Abruzzo which comes from the rugged hills above the Adriatic coast of central Italy and has a deeply red color, is highly aromatic with low acidity level.

Cup #3

This cup of wine comes after the feast during the Seder and Pearl suggests this cup should be a full-bodied red. How do you identify a full-bodied red wine? “Pay attention to a wine’s color and you’ll notice darker wines tend to be bolder. This is because a large portion of the flavor comes from the skins of the grapes,” says Pearl. She says Segals Unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon from Israel is a great choice known for its plump, dark, bold fruit flavors and richness.

Cup #4

As we approach the end of the Seder, we are up to the last cup of wine and the last course of dessert. Pearl proposes enjoying the Herzog Late Harvest Zinfandel for “its rich texture and luscious sweet berry fruit finish” because sweet wines go best with desserts.

Pearl has been in the wine business for over 20 years. She originally worked at a wine store her family owned in her hometown of Brooklyn and joined Hakerem in Queens at the end of the summer after this past Rosh Hashanah. When I asked her how she got into the wine business, she recalls advice her father gave her in the sixth grade in which he told her, “it doesn’t matter what job you get in the school play. What’s important is that you immerse yourself completely in what you do, to the point where you become a true expert and you begin to talk about it with joy and passion. Even if you’re the curtain puller, you be the best, most powerful, most thankful curtain puller in the United States of America.” Pearl took that advice to heart and when she realized that the wine industry is the type of work she was passionate about, she dived right in. “I haven’t stopped learning for over 20 years now,” says Pearl. She added, “I hope that today I can provide the best, most powerful, most memorable wine tasting experience!” Hakerem does and strives to give customers a unique experience for everyone including both wine novices and connoisseurs by selling high quality wines and spirits at affordable prices. Be sure to take advantage of these special deals:

Hakerem Wine & Liquor (718) 261-9463 is located at 141-22 Jewel Ave., Flushing NY 11367 and is open on Sunday from 10 a.m.- 9 p.m., Monday – Wednesday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. – 1 ½ hr. before Shabbat


Pitopia’s New Catering Menu

Pitopia, located at 1369 West 34th Street and known for its Mediterrenean offerings including pita sandwiches, falafel, shnitzel, soups and salads will be expanding their services by launching a catering menu for events in all 5 boroughs and New Jersey.

Last night I was fortunate enough to participate in a private tasting of the catering options and I must say, it was a delicious sneak peek! Each dish had a sophisticated touch sure to enhance any simcha.

I was wowed by the first course, beef gazpacho. It was tender and expertly seasoned. The bright flavors of the scallions and greens added a nice fresh bite to the meat.


Next up – Moroccan beef cigars with soft cauliflower and tahini with fresh dill- a great combo!


Following were lamb, chicken and beef sliders. Hands down the lamb was my favorite but honestly all were great- even the chicken burger, which was very moist!


My favorite course of the night was this delectable dish, a lamb chop served over crusty bread. On the skewer is sweet duck in a fruit sauce which was just beautiful. On the side is a beet sauce for dipping along with a fresh green salad with mango and avocado. Sweet and savory all on one plate!


Dessert was divine. Chocolate mousse was so creamy and light. It was so well done that it  did not taste parve – even though it was 100% dairy free. At the bottom were fresh blueberries that took on the chocolatey flavor. The apple tart was warm, comforting and scrumptious.


Everything was beautifully presented, prepared with care and of course tasted amazing. Looking forward to when the catering menu will be available and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Food for the Soul

My latest Queens Cuisine article for The Queens Jewish Link is now out. I was privileged to judge a fun cooking competition “Chopped” style arranged by popular celebrity chef, Naomi Stein Nachman.

You can read all about it below and here on page 55.

Years ago during a motsei Rosh Hashanah evening, I met a mentor who advised me to do the following three things in no particular order as I commenced my journey as a baal teshuva:

  • shop for kosher food at Aron’s and Seasons
  • sign up with Partners in Torah to learn with a chavrusa
  • call Rabbi Zakutinsky at Hashevaynu

The next day, I kicked off the Jewish New Year strong by checking off the last item on my list first. With that phone call came the warm introduction to a family known in Queens for their care and commitment to every single Jew.

Hashevaynu is a kiruv organization that Rabbi Zakutinsky and his wife Rebbetzin Adina Zakutinsky founded 21 years ago with the mission to support men and women exploring their Jewish identity. Whether someone needs a place to stay for Shabbos or Yom Tov, a shul to join, a group to learn with, or guidance, Hashevaynu is there to help provide the resources and make connections.

One of the ways in which Hashevaynu reaches out to the community and connects likeminded people together on their path to exploring their Jewish roots is by putting on exciting events. The latest event was a “Chopped” cooking competition inspired by the popular Food Network show. Hosted by celebrity kosher chef, Naomi Stein Nachman, “Chopped” was an amazing experience enjoyed by all.

Before “Chopped” started, the night began with a beautiful homemade buffet dinner made by Rabbi’n Adina Zakutinsky to feed the more than 30 guests in attendance. The spread included sushi salad, romaine salad with chicken, tomatoes and olives, meatballs, chicken with mushrooms and peppers, rice, parkiyot with an herb marinade and dips made from scratch including vegetarian liver, matbucha, hummus, babaganoush and chimichurri.

Next, Naomi explained how “Chopped” works. Just like the show, contestants (in this case it was 4 teams of 3-4) must race against the clock to cook dishes using ingredients that are revealed on-site. The challenge is to incorporate wildcard ingredients – in this case they were waffles and popcorn – into each dish with other mandatory ingredients including chicken, rice pilaf, sausage and spinach. The competitors certainly had their work cut out for them! They were given 30 minutes to make a main and sides. Naomi was energetically keeping time, right up until the final 10 seconds in which we all joined in on a countdown for. The dishes were judged by a panel of I which I was on to rank each dish from 1-10 in the categories of taste, creativity and presentation. Judging gave me the chance to watch the teams scramble to come up with dishes that would not only taste good but look appealing as well. When it came time for each team to present their creations, I was honestly amazed at what they were able to make. It made me feel as though anybody can cook if you just put your mind to it. Ingredients that you don’t think will mesh well can actually make a delicious meal together. You’d be surprised at what you can come up with using whatever you have on-hand!

Naomi Stein Nachman, a.k.a. “The Aussie Chef” hails from Australia and has been in the United States for over 25 years. She is a kosher personal chef based in the Five Towns who also hosts her own weekly show, “Table for Two” on the Nachum Seagal network and regularly contributes to The Jewish Home and Mishpacha. Naomi told me that the “Chopped” competition was an idea born in 2015 after she was asked to emcee a similar competition at KosherFest. She was inspired to run these competitions on her own and ever since then, her phone started ringing with people asking her to host “Chopped” for them and now she organizes them frequently. “I’ve done them for groups as small as 5 to as large as 80,” said Naomi. Before the competition began, Naomi promised, “You’ll laugh the entire evening!” and she was right.

After the teams presented each dish and the judges got to taste everything, we evaluated each one and pow-wowed with Naomi about our decision – which I must note, was tough to come to as it was not unanimous. We agreed that the team that dubbed themselves The Long Islanders based on their hometowns deserved to win the title. Rebbetzin Aviva Zakutinsky, Rochelle Taub and Judith Gutman  cooked made chicken encrusted with crushed popcorn and waffle stuffed with tender zucchini, which delivered a nice balance of sweet and savory flavors. The side dish was rice with sausage and a simple fresh green salad of spinach with thousand island dressing.

After the winners were announced, the party wasn’t over! Naomi was so lovely to talk to and the Zakutinsky family makes you feel welcome and everyone stayed a while after to enjoy the company. As the night drew to a close, Naomi packed up her burners and dishes and off she went back home because the next morning, Naomi had her own cooking marathon to get ahead on – preparing 38 quarts of chicken soup for Pesach for private clients. She really made an impact on everyone there as her energy drove the night.

It’s no secret that food and laughter bring people together. Kosher food is something that bonds the Jewish people and the category is having a major moment right now as “foodie” culture is on the rise. People enjoy sharing what they eat, where they ate it, photographing what they cooked and sharing it with others. Food is a thread that runs through everything we do and much like Hashevaynu allows us to return home spiritually, so does food every time we eat kosher. It was fitting that Hashevaynu’s latest event was centered around food, the kitchen which is the heart of the home was the setting to connect the Jewish community further by cooking, laughing and spending time together doing something fun and different.

Hashevaynu’s shul is located at 70-41 Main Street and offers daily Shachris and learning programs. The full schedule can be viewed at www.Hashevaynu.org. Not only are you guaranteed an amazing shiur during shul on Shabbat, there will be a beautiful kiddush made by my wife and daughters,” added Rabbi Zakutinsky.

Be sure to visit Naomi Stein Nachman’s website, www.TheAussieGourmet.com and tune in every Friday at 9am to hear her show “Table For Two with Naomi Nachman” on www.nachumsegal.com.

  Me with Naomi

chopped pics Cooks pausing for a picture!

The winning dish:

Simchas and More With Sushi Tokyo


Check out my latest feature in the 150th issue of the Queens Jewish Link – it’s all about Sushi Tokyo and can also be read here.

I must admit, I’m very picky when it comes to sushi. That’s why when a little over a year ago, Sushi Tokyo, the popular Japanese restaurant known for its locations in Brooklyn and the Five Towns opened up in Kew Gardens Hills, I was ecstatic that Queens residents wouldn’t have to travel too far to experience their delicious food.

Sushi Tokyo’s trademark party platters are the perfect d’ourves, appetizer or main attraction for any special event. The restaurant proudly caters Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, l’chaims, weddings, engagement parties, holiday parties, sheva brachos and brises. Sushi Tokyo can even provide one of their highly experienced sushi chefs to prepare rolls in-person at your simcha if you’d like, adding a special impressive touch to the party. Sushi Tokyo caters countless high-end events for clients including the NYPD, Homeland Security and AIPAC. The bottom line is, when you want excellence, Sushi Tokyo is there with high caliber sushi worthy of the most elegant of affairs.

But don’t feel as though you need to throw a party in order to indulge in Sushi Tokyo’s party platters. There are a plethora of reasons to pick the party platter. Rethink your Friday night Shabbos fish course. Having many guests over for the Friday night meal? You will have more than enough to feed a crowd with Sushi Tokyo’s party platters. Our guests really enjoyed the delicious sushi platter last Shabbos. Before they were all devoured, the colorful sushi rolls circling the platter with sashimi arranged artfully in the middle looked beautiful at the center of our Shabbos table that evening.

You can even bring simcha to the rest of your week with Sushi Tokyo’s food. Go ahead, order a platter for the office lunch, serve sushi at your next shiur, for your next business meeting, for game night, for date night, for any night. Don’t forget to eat in-person at Sushi Tokyo because only in the restaurant can you have their delectable desserts since those are not delivered. Last week, my husband and I tried the Fried Oreos for the first time and they are absolutely decadent. The Oreo cookies are warm, soft and encrusted with a tempura shell making for a sweet and salty taste serving as a wonderful finish to a savory sushi meal. They truly are an amazing treat that I’m sure the whole family will love and is worth a special night out at Sushi Tokyo’s restaurant.

Although sushi is not a convenience food, it’s a luxury that Sushi Tokyo brings to the neighborhood with the same speed as if it was a convenience food through its innovative customer service. Sushi Tokyo has just launched its brand new point of sales system which allows your order to get made and delivered to your home or to your table at the restaurant quickly using tablets. How does it work? If you’re dining in at the restaurant, the waiter no longer needs to take down your order using a pen and paper, adding more time to the wait for your order with the extra step of writing it. Instead, “your order is processed simply with the touch of a button on the screen. The order goes straight to the chefs so they can immediately prepare the food,” says Shneior Harel, co-owner of Sushi Tokyo. The same goes for online ordering – once you enter your order on http://www.sushitokyo.com, it goes directly to the chefs and simultaneously to the cashier to get processed. There is no way for your order to get lost or delayed because there is no need for a person to be the middleman between the customer and the kitchen where the order is made. Plus, Sushi Tokyo has two smart cars at all times for deliveries. As if it couldn’t get any more convenient, “Sushi Tokyo is the only kosher restaurant that delivers for free until 1AM,” added co-owner, Chaim Lipsitz.

As a Queens resident, I’m grateful to have a kosher place to go eat in my own neighborhood for every cuisine I crave. But there’s only one place that declares they know your cravings – it’s in their slogan and rightfully so – it’s Sushi Tokyo.

Sushi Tokyo (718) 337-8600 is located at  67-25 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367 and is open from Sunday through Thursday 10am-1am, Friday 10am – 2 ½ hours before Shabbos.



East Meets West at SOYSAUCE

Here’s my latest Queens Cuisine article in this week’s Queens Jewish Link. The digital version can be read here as well: https://view.flipdocs.com/?ID=10010717_807247

East Meets West at SOYSAUCE


Ever get bored of the same old sandwich for lunch everyday? Too busy to cook dinner Thursday night while preparing for Shabbos? Look no further than SOYSAUCE, a convenient Glatt Kosher Chinese takeout that takes fast food to the next level. With convenient delivery options, deep discounts and a substantial menu, SOYSAUCE is the place to go.

Having opened its doors only two years ago, SOYSAUCE has quickly lived up to its pre-opening buzz by giving the community what it wants: a wide array of takeout provided speedily at a steal of a price. I usually order General Tso’s Chicken or Sesame Chicken but for dinner the other night, my husband and I decided to splurge and try dishes we haven’t had before. At the recommendation of SOYSAUCE owner Gavriel Borenstein, we shared the pastrami eggroll, crispy beef egg roll, Vietnamese chicken spring roll and all of it was delicious. Next, we had the beef with caramelized walnuts (which was my favorite new dish of the night.) My husband grabbed the spicy chicken meteors, which were a hit – definitely do not pass these up. Of course we also ordered General Tso’s Chicken and  even had some left over for the next day. Borenstein’s recommendations didn’t let us down one bit – especially the Salt & Pepper Chicken. Don’t let the simple name fool you – it’s downright addictive and will keep you coming back for more. All of this is great to accompany with your choice of white, fried or brown rice. There are also many gluten-free dishes to choose from, along with healthy steamed options including Dr. Bennett’s Steamed Chicken. At request, SOYSAUCE can even alter the spices to season each dish in order to suit your taste and have your favorite dish your way, reflecting how accommodating SOYSAUCE is to its customers.

Fast food should live up to its name and SOYSAUCE rises to the occasion. For local residents, delivery is free and usually arrives within a half hour in Kew Gardens Hills although in my experience, orders have arrived to our home in much less time than that! It’s simple – just call or order online at www.soysauceusa.com. Delivery is not limited to your front door – SOYSAUCE actually delivers to your car door for free via curbside pickup. Here’s how it works: customers pull up in front of SOYSAUCE after placing an order and an employee brings the food straight to your car. “With curbside pickup, you don’t have to worry about searching for a parking spot, or spending money on a meter or unloading your kids from the car or even getting out of your car in the rain,” stated Borenstein. If you’re ever hungry and stuck in traffic on your way home, delicious takeout is just a phone call away.

It’s clear that SOYSAUCE is sensitive to customers’ time and is careful to remain efficient. Employees usually know how long the wait will be for an order, depending on the day and give their customers a heads-up on the wait. “It’s common for many customers to come inside and order in-person, then go next door to Seasons. By the time they’re done shopping, their food is ready and waiting,” says Borenstein.

Known for its wallet-friendly deals, SOYSAUCE makes it easy for anyone who craves takeout to get it affordably. The Lunch Special menu has 24 options starting at $7.99. The Shabbos special includes a free 2 quart of soup and 4 eggrolls with a $29 purchase on Fridays. Borenstein suggests getting in your Shabbos Special order early since there is usually about an hour wait on Erev Shabbos.

SOYSAUCE’s unwavering commitment to the community continues with providing generous discounts for Hatzolah members, yeshiva students and staff. They also cater daily for Hatzolah Continuing Education and kiruv organizations such as Chazaq, Chofetz Chaim, Jewish Heritage Center and Chabad. Lunches and mishmar programs are offered for all local yeshivas. SOYSAUCE’s meat is purchased locally from distributors under the Vaad of Queens “to not only ensure kosher standards but to keep business in the community,” said Borenstein. SOYSAUCE also caters from 10 to 200 people and is a great idea for sheva brachos on a budget.

To receive the latest weekly coupons via email visit www.soysauceusa.com, and follow SOYSAUCE on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/soysauceusa

Soysauce (718) 263-3663 3 is located at 68-22 Main St, Flushing NY 11367 and is open from Sunday through Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday 10:30am – 2:30pm/3pm/3:30pm. Saturday they are closed and encourage you to go for pizza after Shabbos!


Grand Opening – Chaya’s Bakery

Exciting news – Chabad of Forest Hills North is opening Chaya’s Bakery! Rebbetzin Chaya Hecht is known for her signature challah baking sessions which welcome the community into her home to make challah. Whether you’re a baking novice or a seasoned pro, it’s truly a fun time.

Now, you can finally get Chaya’s homemade challah, babke and cakes every week to enjoy.

“We are trying to look for creative ways to reach out to the community and people do like my challah and cakes so I decided that I should start selling it at minimum costs to the public,” said Chaya. “That way, they enjoy my goods while they do the mitzvah of tzeddaka as this goes towards our Chabad activities,” she added.

Plus, all customers get a tax receipt too – as if you needed another reason to order!

All orders must be in by Tuesday, Feb 9th and they will be ready for pickup Thursday, Feb 11th.

To order, click here: http://www.chabadforesthillsnorth.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html



Here’s a photo of the very first challahs I ever made at Chaya’s Challah Bake in May 2014.


A Taste Of Italy In Queens At L’Bella


This article appears in print in the January 29th issue of the Queens Jewish Link – pick up a copy and read all about the neighborhood!

For 10 years, L’Bella has been a Main Street kosher Italian favorite, attracting devoted clientele. I’ve always had an excellent experience every time I’ve dined there. As a baal t’shuvah who took on a kosher diet later in life, L’Bella has been my go-to place for meals out with family and friends from all different backgrounds, due to the restaurant’s comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel at home, consistently professional service and above all, delicious food. The strong selection of wines, the brick-oven pizza and creative sushi roll varieties enhance L’Bella’s robust menu. For every occasion from Sheva Brachos, to lunches, to dinners and Motzaei Shabbos treats, people flock to L’Bella. I recently visited the restaurant next to the pizzeria (which is great too), to try one of the new pasta dishes and to learn more about what makes L’Bella so special.

A generous dose of fresh ingredients mixed with a talented chef who expertly cooks fine cuisine served by attentive wait staff is L’Bella’s recipe for a great restaurant. I found out that the head chef uses age-old Italian cooking techniques to maintain each dish’s authenticity. Everything is homemade and many dishes are made to order, including the pasta and vegetables which must be meticulously cleaned and checked to meet the high kashrus standards required by the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. Furthermore, L’Bella’s owners are always on the premises welcoming customers and their presence reflects that quality is high priority.

L’Bella’s menu has something for everyone. Every meal begins with the signature complimentary bruschetta made with chopped tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, basil and olive oil served over toasted bread. Popular dishes include classic Italian staples such as ravioli, baked ziti, lasagna and eggplant Parmesan. You can even order any pasta paired with your choice of sauce – vodka, alfredo, garlic cream marinara or pesto.

To satisfy sushi-loving customers, L’Bella has fresh fish carefully prepared by an experienced sushi chef who makes sashimi and a selection of specialty rolls. Cooked fish including grilled options, are also popular choices and are perfect for the health-conscious in addition to the salads. Grilling fish is an art and L’Bella gets it right. One of my favorite grilled fish dishes to order is the grilled sea bass served with two sides – your choice of steamed broccoli, grilled vegetables, potatoes, asparagus, house salad, rice or string beans.

From time to time, L’Bella changes its menu and recently added two new dishes: Tuscan Portabello Pasta (grilled portabello mushrooms over linguini with spinach, sundried tomatoes and roasted shallots in creamy marinara sauce) and Fettuccini Al Funghi (medium mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, asparagus with fettuccini in a light mushroom sauce). I tried the latter and it was just the comfort food I needed! It doesn’t get much better than a hot fresh plate of pasta loaded with tender mushrooms complimented by the bright flavor of asparagus with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top. I even took home leftovers; the restaurant is known for serving generous portions providing great value for customers.

Before added to the menu, each new dish must pass a strict taste test: Everyone on staff must love the dish in order for it to earn a coveted spot on the menu. New dishes are undergoing taste tests so stay tuned for what’s coming out next!

L’Bella (718) 261-0196 is located at 69-26 Main St, Flushing 11367, and is open from Sunday through Thursday noon-10p.m. and one hour after Shabbos until midnight (in the summer until 1a.m.).



Top left: Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with with sides of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables

Top right: Fettuccini Al Funghi

Bottom: Jalapeno Snapper